business and coffee

Inside the life of a Barista and Business Coach

The title may be overstating my skills at making espresso-based coffee drinks, but the title business coach is on target.

Both Roles Require A Blend of Art and Science to Satisfy the Customer and Client

I love preparing espresso coffee drinks and business coaching because there is an art and science to deliver both of them. Anyone that owns a double boiler semi-automatic espresso machine would confirm, getting the perfect extraction of expresso takes a combination of both art and science. The art is knowing how to adjust your grinder seasonally for humidity and each bean type. The science is being proficient with tools you will use to extract the espresso shots.

Great Coaching Requires Fine Tuning on Both Emotion and Nature of Each Client

Coaching business owners can be similar to preparing espresso. The art of coaching individuals requires being tuned into the clients’ emotional weather. Their mood at each session will and can fluctuate. No two people are exactly alike. Like bean roasted from different regions and methods used in the roasting process, every client has a unique history they bring to coaching.

The science of coaching is demonstrated by the coach being a subject matter expert on the communication tools of coaching. When preparing espresso, the double boiler and grinder are the key tools used. Great coaches are proficient and skilled at asking questions that help the client see new perspectives and using a guided discovery process to support those questions.

Every morning, I start my day with a double shot of espresso. My morning ritual sets the stage for me. The art and science that I use starting my day is a reminder of what I need to do be serve my clients.

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