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Digital Lead Generation: Solved the Leads Problem in Real Estate Listing and Sales

In my business, leads have been the holy grail. For my adult life, I have worked in residential sales, brokerage, management, and coaching.

When I was new in the business, I would spend time cold calling for leads dialing through the “white pages” reverse directory. This was a special book that listed phone numbers by street address verse name. It was a tedious process. Using that process was time-consuming. In those days I had to manually hunt down, cold leads. It took a lot of organizational, mental, and physical energy to get one person to answer the phone let alone say yes to my calling Script.

“Hi, I’m Joe Peoples with Reinhart Realtors, I am wondering if you had considered making a move sometime now or in the near future?”

If I was lucky, the actual owner of the home answered the phone. More times than not, I would get the babysitter, little kids. Of course, this was a time before the Do Not Call List. Finding cold leads was hard work and required the patience of Job. Many hours of dialing for dollars and not much to show for it.

Fast forward to today, Cold Lead Generation Channels can generate unlimited leads. The number is limited only by your advertising budget.

Today an agent and or team can generate leads from people that have given you their phone number, email address, the home they are interested in, and when they are considering moving. And to top it off, they will have already shared where they live and the value of their home.

But wait there is more. Because they have given you all that information, you have permission to call, email, and text. And to top it off many of these digital lead generation systems can deliver 20 to 50 of these leads to you every day of the week all year long.

Lead Generation is no longer the challenge. Today it is all about lead conversion.

Today, the focus is all about lead conversion.

The agents that succeed today are the ones that become experts at converting digital leads into qualified buyers and sellers. It still takes organization, mental and physical energy. The difference is you know that person has an interest in buying or selling. You only need to be persistent, and you will be the agent they end up working with.

Lead Generation: Way easier today. The new holy grail is lead conversion.

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