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How can you remove a tenant with as little drama in the least amount of time?

In the state of Michigan, you will only need to give a 30-day notice to quit.

To confirm the process where your property is located, go to the local government website. Once you are there, explore the menu of services, looking for anything that uses the words housing. If you can’t find the word housing, search with the word “Landlord”.

Taking these steps will give you assess to the process of removing a tenant where that property is located.

To speed up the process of removing the tenant. before you take ownership of the property.

I would suggest you have a part of your purchase agreement that the landlord (the current owner) give the tenant a 30-day notice to quit. Getting the process started in advance of owning the property would speed up the process of your taking possession sooner. lastly, your expectations will be clearly communicated.

Another step that could be taken is giving the current tenant an incentive to move sooner.

The tenant in these situations is not typically motivated to help the new owner or the landlord. They have to come up with another security deposit, organize packing, and moving their things. For them, it’s a lot of work. The opportunity is to make it worth their while to move sooner. The incentive could be to pay them back for application fees or give them a credit on the current month’s rent. The idea, make it easier to leave than to stay.

Money in this case can be the leverage.

So you have three ways that you can take the drama out of removing a tenant from your future property.

  • 30-Day Notice to quit
  • Negotiate notice to quit at the beginning of the purchase negotiations
  • Provide some financial incentives for the tenant to move.

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