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Coaches! 2 ways you can tap into the superpower of activity tracking

Remove any doubts about your clients’ progress

All of our clients that come to coaching do so intending to make a change in their life or business.

They have become fed up with life as usual and are now sitting down in front of you. They want to get unstuck. Unfortunately the daily routine of life is not giving them back what they expected.

So you begin with the first superpower tool.

The best tracking begins with an assessment.

Begin your coaching relationships by starting with a detailed client assessment. Take a snapshot of where they are at the beginning. Have the client tell you, what they are doing now, and how they are doing it. Have them rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being awful and ten being awesome.

With this information, it becomes clear where they have self-assessed gaps in their life or business.

Use your client assessment as your coaching topic and tracking guide.

They have told you what is important to them and where they feel they have a gap between their expectations and where they are today. Use what they gave you to guide them toward where they want to go.

Explore with them what action they believe they would need to take to make progress.

Your clients progress is a function of their perspective.

When you are supporting your client on their agenda, and use there observation to measure progress doing this will remove any doubts about progress.

The client’s progress is their journey not yours. Trust your client. They actually know what is best for them. When you coach them from where they are to where they want to be you are using serving them at the highest level.

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