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How to Prepare for Your First Strategic Real Estate Coaching Call

When you have completed reading this essay, you will know how to prepare for your first “Strategic Coaching” call.

The strategic coaching call is used to set a baseline for where you are at the beginning of your coaching journey and establish what your business productivity will look like shortly. Having this information, you will know what you are working towards every day. The confusion, indecision, and lack of measured progress will be a thing of the past.

The business that you want will become a reality.

Mentally prepare to share the best and worst of your business journey.

Telling your story will give your new coach insight into what you have experienced in your real estate career up to this day.

Your story will help your new coach learn what events and experiences have had the most significant impact on your business. Knowing what you believe has been your best and worst experiences will illuminate what needs attention and what needs to be reinforced. Then your coach can use your expertise to guide you in implementing the new plan.

Building a plan that takes advantage of your strengths gives you access to a better coaching experience that feels more natural.

Best and worst years of Gross Commission Income (GCI) and Net Income after splits with your broker

Your story and the numbers about the best and worst income years will reveal something about you and your business activity.

Often the lowest years of low and high commission income are connected to life events and or economic events that can be entirely out of your control. Yet, some agents continue to earn consistently the same independently of life events or the economy. Coaching intends to uncover systems and processes that you will implement and practice daily that will allow your income to be consistent in going up year over year.

Having both a word picture and numbers, your coach can structure a business operating structure that will generate consistent commission income for you.

The strategic call is the first of many powerful business Development coaching conversations.

Doing this prep work will set you off in the right direction to transforming your business into what you have been dreaming of.

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