ABC lead follow up

What have I learned about lead follow-up as a business coach?

The problem many successful agents have is leads that slip through the cracks.

Over the past four years, I have coached agents in multiple real estate brands. My clients are typically experiencing great success in the business. They have a great income. They typically have one or two full-time assistants and one or two buyers agents.

But they have a problem. They are aware that they are losing business. They know it is because leads are not being followed up on consistently. I can hear the frustration in their voices and see it on their faces.

When my clients begin to use the lead follow-up process “ABC”, leads falling through the creaks became a thing of the past.

Start today! Put into practice a lead follow-up process.

It is just simple. It is painful knowing that you are losing business because there is no process in place.

In my experience, successful real estate agents spend time and money on lead generation. These systems cost tens of thousands of dollars to run annually. They require dedicated people to spend 2 to 4 hours daily to sort through hundreds of leads that are not ready now to just get one qualified lead.

This does not need to be a problem. Here is what I have learned is an easy way to gurrentee that leads will never slip through the creaks again.

#1. Schedule a dedicated, protected time to do specifically lead follow-up

Lead follow-up is where the money is made. If you are not calling them, someone else is. The agent that talks with them at the exact time they are ready to move forward will earn their business. So

  • Have 30 – 45 minutes blocked out on your calendar for every workday.
  • Keep your leads with you all the time
  • Log all your communication in your dedicated CRM

#2. Have a system of sorting your leads by timing

Follow-up with leads based on their likelihood of taking action.

Put your leads in an order that goes from now to the future. The leads that have indicated that they are ready now get more attention. And the leads that indicate they need more time get less. Here is a simple system you can use

  • “A leads” are ready to buy or sell immediately. Your goal is to always have an appointment with them.
  • “B Leads” are not ready to sell or buy for 30-90 days. Call twice a month during the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month
  • “C Leads” are not ready to buy or sell for 90+ days. Call once a month during the 2nd week of the month.

Here is a system that you can put into action quickly that will prevent leads from slipping through the creaks. It is simple and proven.

Call or email me today if you’d like to look into my coaching program. I’d love to hear from you!

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